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A Tiffin Service is a type of catering service that specializes in delivering meals, typically lunch or dinner, to customers. These services are prevalent in many parts of the world, particularly in South Asia and India, where the term “tiffin” traditionally refers to a light meal or snack.

In these services, meals are cooked in a central kitchen, packed into containers often called “tiffin boxes” or “tiffin carriers,” and then delivered to customers at their homes or workplaces. The meals usually consist of a balanced selection of dishes such as rice, dal (lentils), vegetables, roti (bread), and a protein source like chicken, fish, or paneer (cottage cheese).

Tiffin services are popular due to the convenience they offer, especially for busy professionals who might not have the time to prepare meals themselves. They’re also appreciated for providing home-style cooked meals that are typically healthier than fast food alternatives.

The service can operate on a subscription basis, where customers sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly meal delivery, or on a one-off basis. These services have also grown in popularity due to the rise in app-based food delivery platforms.